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Shape the Future of the Ocean

The Ocean Frontier Institute is proud to present OGEN – The Ocean Graduate Excellence Network.

Uniting excellent graduate training with broader experience through partners including industry and government, OGEN builds a unique research nexus.

Graduate student fellowships granted through our partner universities incorporate training experiences and hands-on learning beyond traditional academia.

Research Supervisors have access to the world’s most promising graduate students.

Partners are introduced to a new generation of job-ready top tier researchers.

Students enrich their academic experience with individualized training programs improving job-readiness (e.g., entrepreneurship, international networking, internships, summer schools).

OGEN is a Program of the Ocean Frontier Institute

The Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI) is a transnational hub for marine research, exploring the ecosystems of the North Atlantic and Canadian Arctic Gateway to discover innovative solutions that strengthen the economy and protect the environment. Through education, training, and communication — and by sharing talent, resources, and information — OFI generates ocean knowledge and opportunity.