OGEN Oversight & Operations

OGEN is committed to fostering a culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness. OGEN welcomes and will seek participation from Indigenous people, persons with a disability, racially visible persons, women, persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and committee members who would contribute to the diversity of our community.

Academic Advisory Committee

The main focus of the OGEN Academic Advisory Committee (ACC) is academic quality and integrity. The AAC advises on processes, provides recommendations regarding strategy, and provides coordination and a point of contact for collaboration between universities and OGEN.


  • OFI Scientific Director & CEO
  • OFI Associate Scientific Director
  • OFI Chief Administrative Officer
  • Dean of Graduate Studies, Vice President Research, or equivalent from OGEN partner institutions
  • OGEN Manager
  • OFI Chief Innovation Officer

Expression of Interest Review & Selection

OGEN will issue a formal call for project expressions of interest (EOIs) directly following a joint research workshop (if held). Researchers from OGEN’s partner universities are encouraged to work collaboratively with the government or industry partner’s researchers in developing individual PhD project proposals that align with the research interests of the partner and OFI. Elements of the EOI include:

  • Academic supervisor details
  • Project overview (title, dates, location) and summary
  • Confirmation of funding and commitment to funding model
  • Student recruitment and selection process, including a draft advertisement

A scientific review and final selection of the proposed project expressions of interest will be conducted by the partner organization and OFI-OGEN selection committee. The OFI-OGEN selection committee consists of the OFI Scientific Directorate and two or more scientific experts in a field related to the research theme.


OGEN top-up awards are directly dependent on the partner award and funding, continuation of the partner award, and supervisor’s matching contribution. OGEN top-up awards are not eligible for overhead.